The basic mental health care system in The Netherlands consists of four care paths:

                                                                                  Nr of consultations          Rate (determined by the NZa)

  • Short 5 € 487,26

  • Medium 8 € 830,23

  • Intensive 11 € 1301,85

  • Incomplete treatment program 1 € 198,88

The costs of treatment are fully or partially reimbursed depending on how you are insured. For more information, please contact your health care insurer.

With a reimbursement policy or a supplementary insurance, the reimbursement fee is usually the highest.

We have chosen to work without contracts with health care insurers, in order to secure your privacy and reduce administrative burden. Read more on (Dutch website).

Of course, it is also possible to receive treatment without referral. Then, costs are not compensated and are € 100, - per session.