Wanda Klein


As a therapist, I try to be empathetic and understanding, without avoiding important themes. My motivation is to help people that got stuck one way or another. To do this I make use of (in  addition to common forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy), EMDR, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and Schema Therapy. EMDR focuses on the processing of negative events to accomplish room for positive experiences. ACT, in short, is about living to your values instead of to your fears. Mindfulness is an important part of this therapy. Schema Therapy, is about recognizing and breaking through deep-rooted self defeating patterns established from childhood and repeated throughout life. This could be for instance perfectionism or a structural feeling of inferiority. I have noticed that these forms of therapy are very effective in reducing stress and in optimizing the quality of life.

I studied EMDR (VEN-licensed basic and further training), ACT and Schema Therapy at RINO Amsterdam, the postgraduate training institute for psychologists. Ultimately, careful and present listening is central to my work. I am inspired by Deep Listening as a concept. I have completed advanced schooling with psychotherapist Rosamund Oliver, founder of the Deep Listening Training.

My work experience is both in the mental healthcare (Dijk en Duin FACT-team), healthcare for persons with cognitive and developmental disability (Odion) and in the medical setting (Rehabilitation Division Westfriesgasthuis). Since 2018 I also work for Psyche and Pregnancy.

Memberships: Dutch Association of GZ-Psychologists (NVGZP), EMDR Association Netherlands (VEN), ACBS BeNe.

Arianne van Reedt Dortland


My way of working is open and empathetic and clients often tell me that they feel safe and seen. My intention is to determine what hinders you to feel all right. Together we search for techniques and insights to be able to use your abilities more in daily life and to continue your life path yourself (again). My experience lies in the field of anxiety and mood symptoms, (unexplained) physical symptoms, burnout, trauma (related) problems, grief, AD(H)D and self-image / insecurity. I have worked in the specialist mental health care (GGZinGeest), the hospital (VUmc and LUMC) and rehabilitation (Reade and Rijnlands Rehabilitation Centre). Tailored to the individual I use different techniques, particularly from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), EMDR, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness, and interpersonal therapy (IPT). I was educated at RINO Amsterdam, including VEN-licensed EMDR basic and further training.

I also offer psychological counseling for academics; I graduated in 2012 as an epidemiologist on the relationship of risk factors for cardiovascular disease with depression and anxiety, until recently I worked as a senior researcher alongside my work as a therapist, and still I'm active in research.

Membership: Dutch Association of GZ-Psychologists (NVGZP), EMDR Association Nederlands, ACBS BeNe, VGCT.